The Kiss, The Mistake

"Sorry?" She muttered, uprighting herself. "Why are you sorry?" She whispered, her voice soft. Jet looked at her, "oh, nothing." He smiled. Cracks began to appear at the rims of his mouth. Alice sighed. "I suppose it is drawing closer, the underworld." She muttered. Then leant towards him.

She kissed him, this time she let all her emotion into it. She didn't mean to, it just... happened. Alice drew away then looked at the floor. "Sorry. I, I didn't mean..." She paused. Then got up, moving away from Jet, a few rows behind him.

"What was that Alice... you idiot." She thought, cursing multiple times to herself. She pulled her knees too her chest and placed her back to the window. "Alice, all these years and now... Now!? Idiot, you stupid idiot, why?" But there was no use. She still didn't know the answer.

The End

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