New emotions.

I let Alice wrap her arms around me and I feel a wave of comfort from her. I take a quick peek through the necklace and see her thinking about how human I’ve become since the war. I suppress a shudder at that and realise she’s right. My emotions are much more human than they should be... even with the underworld getting closer by the hour. I think about answering her question, but she’s quiet against my construct body, listening to the silence again.

I grapple with this strange emotion. I have no idea how to handle it, but when she tightens her arms around me, I want to hug her back. I don’t, I keep my arms loose at my sides, but it’s strange. I feel kinda weak, drained by this new emotion. The glamour cracks almost the moment I realise just how tired I am.

‘Sorry, Alice.’ I whisper.

The End

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