Servant, even without a master.

Alice stopped laughing when he said "Something I have never felt before," then she kissed Jet firmly, placing a little more emotion into than usual. Then she smiled, laying her head to rest against his chest again. She nodded at his answer. "Thats all... sir." She smiled again. "I suppose I'm lucky not to be dead. Thank you." She paused, wondering what to say before settling with just "sir."

She thought in her mind all the times they spent together. Most of them involved killing. Apart from that one, in the hotel... she stopped. "Does that mean, i'm your servant, forever?" She questioned. "Sorry. No more questions. I'll let you rest." She wrapped her arms around Jet, gaining comfort in the silence. But she couldn't help thinking about how... human Jet had become when the war had ended.

The End

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