What I think of you

‘What do you think of me, Jet?’ Alice asks.

‘What ever happened to “sir”?’ I ask snappishly. Alice’s pale cheeks flush momentarily.

‘Sorry. What do you think of me, sir?’ she corrects herself. I nod slowly to myself and think about the answer.

‘I’d say you’re the most entertaining servant I’ve ever had, you’re certainly the one that’s lasted the longest. I have a habit of killing them when I get bored of them’ I smile that irresistible crooked smile and pull her into me for a kiss. She pulls away, placing a firm, slender hand on my chest.

‘No, really what do you think of me?’ she asks forcefully. I’m silent. I don’t know. I’ve been on the run for the last few years, not thinking about how to answer these stupid questions! ‘Come on, if you don’t have an answer I’ll have to break your glamour again.’

‘Alice.’ My voice is rough and authoritative. ‘Don’t use my vanity against me; I’ll have to do something nasty to you.’ I send an image of what I would do and she chokes on her laughter.

‘That’s not so bad!’ she says still laughing.

‘No?’ I look down at my jeans. What she sees when she follows my gaze only increases her laughter and I give her a playful slap.

‘Sorry, sir!’ she says, still sniggering at my misfortune. I roll my eyes and pull her into a hug.

‘As for a proper answer?’ I deliberate for a moment, almost embarrassed. ‘I’m certainly feeling something I’ve never felt before.’

The End

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