Question Time:

Alice nodded as Jet talked, she felt a little embarassed as Jesse rose an eyebrow at Jet mentioning; "Love, no but lust I have. But you would know all about that wouldn't you?" Alice smiled as Jet stopped. "Just one, last question. Indeed, the most important one." She watched the sun rise behind Jet's head and sighed. "What do you think of me, Jet?" She smiled an evil smile, thinking this would be a hard question to answer.

She looked at Jesse for a moment, who was still listening in to their conversation. She also began to feel her energy come back little by little. Also her glamour began to return. Her skin and eyes became brighter, then her hair began to turn to gold and began to curl again creating her locks.

She brushed a lock behind her ear and waited for Jets answer with anticipation and regret.

The End

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