Question time.

‘Jet, I have so many questions.’ Alice laughs quietly to herself. ‘Like, have you ever loved? What was it like watching the evolution of man? But... you don't have to answer them.’ She trails off, but I can see the questions swarming in her mind.

‘Love? Strange emotion, “love”. No. I’ve never loved anyone. Lust is much more familiar. I’m sure you know all about that though.’ I pause and chuckle ignoring Jesse’s raised eyebrow. ‘As for the evolution of man... It was painstakingly slow. I spent a lot of the first seven thousand years or so in the underworld, or other worlds, working my way up in power.

‘I came back about a thousand years before the supposed Christ existed. And just so you know – no he was a loony who thought he could walk on water. He drowned that night, and his friends decided to write random sh*t about him. Anyways, back on the point I came back about three thousand years ago, thought I would have a look see if Konrad was still alive. He was – still is – and I guess that’s when I got interested in this world again. It all kicked off a couple of centuries ago, though. That was kinda interesting though. But you were around for that.’ I come to a stop and watch her expression.

‘Any more questions, since it seems to be question evening?’ I pause and look out of the window at the sun rising. ‘Morning, I mean.’

The End

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