Idle thoughts.

"I understand. If you can't forgive me, I mean." I looked up at Alex then. "I wouldn't forgive me, either."

And so the journey continued, moving ever on through Canada, further North, and into colder territory.

At some point in the few hours that we travelled in silence, I took my tiny razor out of my case, and sliced my finger open repeatedly. I made sure I was turned away from the humans, but Alex glanced down at me briefly, before rolling his eyes and letting me be.

It was my link to being human.

I remembered the way the fallen angel's blood had made my mouth water. It had smelled so horrible - like spoiled milk - but the colour and the way it ran across her skin was so enticing...

I had to stop the thought there, or I would end up massacring the entire bus. I idly wondered if Alex would help me. Probably not.

The End

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