Naked Instinct

Alice flinched as Jet sent the image streaming through her brain. She even tried to cover her eyes when she saw that Jet was naked, but no use the image kept playing. Jaska. She recognised the powerful aura around him. Jet was lured towards him, the civilised demon infront of him compared to himself, a beast led by naked instincts.

When Alice snapped from the vision she looked at Jet and simply nodded. Then, when the images had set in she began to speak. "Ahh. Now I understand." She nodded again. "Jet, I have so many questions." She laughed, it was a quaint, almost silent laugh. "Like, have you ever loved? What was it like watching the evolution of man? But... you don't have to answer them." She trailed off. She had so many more questions but she stopped there.

In her head she remembered her dream. Of Jet's silent heart and she also thought of Jet himself, of how rugged he looked in that image. "That would explain the sex hair." She laughed in her head, gazing at Jet's black messy hair, that through all the years she knew him had never once been straight.

The End

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