Hidden Purity

Alice, before long had fallen asleep, in her mind she imagined herself curled up against Jet's chest again listening to the silence in his chest. She imagined his heart, sat still for all those years. A smile crept along her face. Then she awoke suddenly. She looked at Jet and smiled. Rubbing her bloody hair. "Sorry... did I fall asleep? I didn't mean to." She muttered embarrassed.

She placed her hand on the choker around her neck, it was only a thin strip of metal and it felt warm to the touch. She looked up to see Jesse looking at her. "Oh! Sorry. I seem to dream wether i'm awake or asleep." She muttered again. Hidden within her smile was a purity a purity normally only found in her angelic form.

She turned to Jet and muttered, "Jet... why did you choose this for yourself?" She cocked her head to one side, her bright blue eyes gazing at Jet intently.

The End

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