For Everything.

"What for...?" He asked, and I couldn't hold back the harsh laugh.

"For Everything. I'm sorry I made your life even more pear-shaped, and I'm sorry that I didn't notice how... depressed you were. I would never have done this" I gestured towards my newly pointy teeth, "if I'd known how bad things were for you."

Egotistical much? But it's true.

I looked down at my new skirt,  tracing the folds and the coloured lines with the tip of my finger. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and I knew that, even if Alex didn't accept my apology, I had tried, and that was what mattered. My sins weren't forgiven - not even close - but I was on the way to feeling good in myself.

Apart from the fact that I drank human blood. And I didn't even regret it. The thought of the warm liquid flooding my mouth left me wanting so much more.

I snapped my mouth shut as I realised I was sitting on a bus full of humans with my eyes closed and practically drooling. If I didn't watch my thoughts,  I would end up killing someone without even realising it.

The End

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