What's it like?


I feel Alice push her energy into me and I pull it in greedily. She exhausts herself, her consciousness wavering. I leave her to recover; I’m glad I can smile without falling apart for the first time in... a while. Jesse watches as I flex my fingers, able to move without my skin cracking open. The vampire doesn’t say anything for a while, simply watching. I know he’s curious, but it kinda get’s annoying after a while.

‘What’s it like? The underworld...?’ He asks after a long silence. I feel a hint of fear in his voice and I realise why. When he dies, that’s where he’s heading.

‘Cold.’ I reply. ‘And empty. Your soul won’t last long down there. Some demon will find it and keep it to fuel them along. Your worst memories will no doubt haunt you, since you’re just demon fodder down there.’ I tell him plainly. Jesse grimaces and I notice a faint flicker of a smile on Alice’s otherwise serene face. It almost amazes me how a bloodied fallen angel with broken wings can have a face so placid.

The End

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