"Because I am not a true demon and..." She paused. Looking at Jet for a moment, his eyes still fixed on the road. "He won't let me help him." She placed a hand on Jet's cheek, she could feel the skin moving around beneath her hand. To other humans, Jet must have seemed ugly, broken and not to be touched but... Alice wasn't human.

She whispered something and breathed in slowly, then breathed out. She gave most of her energy to Jet. She knew she would regain it. She cared not about her glamour. She was used to it. Her own angelic glamour faded as Jet's began to get restored, the cracks slowly filling in, "Jet... It won't last long, but... enjoy it." She muttered. Her eyes beginning to close. But she did not fall to sleep, she simply wavered in conciousness, still aware of everything around her. 

The End

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