Cracking up

‘I’m sorry’ the words came out of Gabby’s mouth, half forced, but confident and I guess they were genuine. I’m kind of taken aback by the apology; I never thought she would say it.

‘Thanks,’ I mutter quietly. I don’t really know what else to say. ‘What for...?’ I ask eventually. I wanted to know if she was just saying sorry on impulse, without really knowing why, or if she was sorry for something in specific.


I nod my head at Alice’s answer, before she gets up without warning and yells at Gabby. I laugh and watch Jet’s cracked glamour with interest. He is looking out of the road, so I’m free to watch as the little bits of glamour skin float around on the black sea of evil beneath it. Alice returns and I look from Jet’s glamour to hers, suddenly confused.

‘Why is Jet’s glamour cracking up and yours isn’t?’ I ask. I feel like a little kid learning new things all over again.

The End

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