Alice got up, excusing herself from Jet and Jesse, the conversation had ran cold anyway. She stood, leaning on the back of the chairs opposite Gabby. "You'r pathetic, you know that? You're not even a real vampire and you can't drink." She smiled, it was innocent enough but held secrets to her past glamour.

She took the knife from Gabby, slicing her own flesh so easily. It healed soon after but she laughed at the look on Gabby's face at the open wound. "Pathetic." She laughed again, throwing the knife back into Gabby's hands. "You forced yourself upon Alex, you were that desperate to become something you knew nothing about. Now look at you, just look at you!" She growled. She hated people like her, once a human, during the war had seen her. Begged her to make him like she was. Tried to kill her if she didn't. Poor soul, now hes in hell with the rest of his kind. Unfortunatly one of them survived. The one right infront of her eyes. Gabby. Pathetic. 

The End

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