The Feed.

I can't describe the... frenzy. I could smell the blood, and another part of my brain took over. How much harder must it be for a full vampire?

A silent agreement passed between the four vampires on the bus, and we disembarked together, flitting towards the tiny village. Alex ran off, a wild look in his eyes, and Jesse attempted to teach me how to feed without making a mess.

"I don't know if I can do this..." I said to him, as we stood over the body of a man, choking on his last breath.

"Of course you can." He snapped back, handing me a knife.

Leaning forward hesitantly, I pressed the knife against a spot on the man's neck where Jesse pointed.

I found myself unable to apply any pressure, to end his life. Of course, I knew that it would put him out of his misery, it would be a more humane way to end his life then what the Demon had done to him.

"I-I can't." I stammered, forcing my locked up hand to release the knife. It clattered to the hard ground noisily.

"Oh, for God's sake." Jesse muttered, before picking up the blade and pushing it into my hand. "Just do it."

The smell of the blood was so mouthwatering, that my instincts took over, and, eyes squeezed shut, I sliced the artery in his neck.

We were showered with blood - the heart had still been beating -, and I found I could do nothing but open my mouth and try and catch as much as possible. Beside me, Jesse was in much the same state, unable to do anything but drink the blood of the feeble human.

The man drained, I looked down at my soaked clothing.

"Crap. I thought you said this was supposed to be cleaner." I muttered, not really expecting an answer. He simply grunted and we moved on to gorge ourselves on some more humans.

Before returning to the bus, I wandered into one of the nearby houses. I felt a pang of guilt as I looked into the room of a baby girl. Where was she now? Who had killed her? She'd had so much to live for, but the vampires and I had prevented that from happening.

I wiped away the tears hastily and picked up a swishy hippy skirt and a plain white vest top. They didn't fit me very well, but it was better than the blood stained swine flu t-shirt.

Together, we returned to the bus, and I was aware that I seemed to be the only one wearing different clothes. I tried to remind myself that I was new to this, but it didn't exactly work.

Being a half-vampire should mean that my appetite is smaller. Damn my lack of will power.

The End

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