We're just survivors.


‘We’re all beasts. Even the holy ones. They rip each other apart and send thousands of men to their deaths over a bit of oil or a bluff. Vampires do what they need to survive, as do we.’ I say absently as we sit together on the bus again. Alice leans back into her seat and looks up at the ceiling thoughtfully. The vampires follow us back onto the bus and take back their seats and soon we’re on our way again.


I took advantage of being in the middle of a massacre to teach Gabby how to feed without getting messy. I watched as Alex ran off to sate his thirst – the poor guy starves himself way too often – and made Gabby wait before finding a body in its death throes. I made her use a knife to cut an artery open and showed her how to drink without spilling. I s’pose she did alright. She only had to change clothes once. She didn’t like it much though.

I go to my previous seat and watch Alex and Gabby for a little bit, before deciding that their conversation was kinda boring. Those demons... What are they up to on a bunch of misfits anyways? I get up again, trundling back down the aisle to where they sit. I take the seat in front of them and twist around to talk to them.

‘Why do you look like an angel, when you smell like he does?’ That is the first thing to come out of my mouth.

The End

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