Killing Spree

Alice looked up at Jet, a questioning look on her face. "I mean, we get to slaughter and they still get the blood..." Alice pondered this, the nodded. "Beth, may you let us off? I feel so faint." She lied, grasping her forehead. Jet led her off the bus a comforting arm round her shoulder as she pretended to stumble around.

The town was small in fact it was only a small village of about six houses, housing about five people each. It was a small gathering of houses hidden among the trees. Jet made the first kill, Alice joined in upon the second. She looked at Jet, the smile on his face as the humans fell like lambs to the slaughter. She knew that face, he was feeding on their pain, their suffering. Then something appeared in her head. "He gave his soul to this."  The thought still played in her head as she watched Jet move from body to body, silencing them before they could scream.

When the violence ended Alice flicked her wings, the blood-stained clothes on her disappeared and strings appeared around her, knitting themselves into clothes. They were the same, minus the blood. She breathed in, the copper smell of the red liquid filling her nostrils. She knew that when the vampires smelt this, they would go crazy... mindless beasts.

The End

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