Feeding the vampires.

Her memories leap out at me and I’m surprised that memories so old are still there. I watch her looking down on her dead body and at the man she had called her husband. The suffering she felt then reaches through to the present day and she weeps against my silent heart.

‘The past is the past Alice. There is really no point in crying over it.’ My words are colder than my heart, but I don’t care. ‘So don’t cry.’ I whisper, brushing away her tears and dull the memory in her mind, pushing it back. I could probably erase it, if I tried, but I’m too busy holding myself together, without trying to hold a fallen angel together too. Her sobs subside and she grows still in my arms. I sigh, not knowing where we should go.

‘Hey,’ I say, an idea making me smile suddenly. ‘Wanna take the vampires out to feed?’ I wink at her as she turns her face up questioningly. ‘We get to massacre a village and they get the blood. S’all good, right?’

The End

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