Silent Heart

Alice was shocked by his embrace, but the silence within his chest was, in a way, comforting to her. "I..." She paused, then closed her eyes. She allowed the images to replay in her mind. "I don't remember how old I was when I died. But he, I will never forget his face." Her eyebrows furrowed as she spoke. "It was about... 1400BC. Ancient Egypt, our Pharaoh was Tutankhamun. But I, I was cooking.. something and my 'husband' came in, claimed I had slept with someone. Next thing I knew I lay on the floor looking down on my body." She paused, as she remembered the moment the blade struck her skull, then stomach. Her eyes slammed open.

"When... When I became an angel I modelled myself upon an english traveller I saw." Her words were stammered and broken. Her breathing became heavy. She tried to calm herself but failed. The knife, him, the images just would not leave her mind.

The End

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