Worlds collide

‘You...You're breaking.’ Alice exclaims. She places a hand on my cheek, but I move away re-building my glamour. ‘If... if it’s too much, you can take mine if you wish.’ She pauses and smiles ‘The celebrations are over.’ She laughs, but when her gaze meets with mine, she stops. ‘Sorry.’ She mumbles. I take up the laughter.

‘Take your glamour? It would only break, same as mine. The underworld is breaking through to this one, and in the underworld, we don’t need glamours. If we use them down there it is simply for the sake of convenience. Generally they don’t last long down there. So now that the underworld is merging with the human world, I don’t need this form any longer. Something weird is happening, Alice. Lucifer really didn’t like us fighting over the world when he clearly wanted the souls of this world to himself.’ I stop and smile to myself. ‘We will have full power, at least, even if we can’t hide what we are.’ Alice is silent after hearing this. As a demon elder – the stupid title we’re given if we’re seen fit to have near ultimate power – I feel much more of the surrounding world, and indeed the other worlds surrounding this; the underworld being the closest to us right now.

The End

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