Alice was taken aback when Jet's form began to crack. "You..You're breaking." She cried, terror and sorrow in her voice. She placed a hand on his cheek, but Jet moved away re-gaining his glamour. "If, if its too much. You can take mine if you wish." She paused, then smiled. "The celebrations are over." She laughed slightly, but when her gaze met his she stopped. "Sorry." She muttered.

She thought of him, breaking, pieces of his glamour falling away. But she knew, with a solemn piece of her heart she would put them together again. She looked at Auvrea, she was so happy with Martin, with her perfect form and perfect life. "Its sickening in a way, don't you think? An angel, so perfect falling in love with.. with that." It only took a moment before her mind flickered to Tyler. "That was a mistake, a stupid mistake, it cost my divinity, my life, my..." She stopped thinking, placing a hand on her forehead. A tear ran down her cheek, it was deep red a mix of blood and tears and for a moment, a single moment. It betrayed her glamour.

The End

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