Where will we end up

‘Created for them,’ I mutter quietly. ‘They don’t know what to do with their own world. We are able to destroy cities in a matter of hours, yet some of them don’t even know how to boil an egg. Pathetic race. The only time they realise they are worth something is when they become an angel or a demon. And even then ones like Tyler make a mess of everything.’ I look at her and smile. ‘Well done on getting the pope, by the way. I heard about that. I watched a little, I felt you moving in on him. Shame he was so easily replaced.’

I lift my hand to examine the damage the underworld is doing to my glamour. All the time I am putting in loads of effort to hold it together, the fine black lines are nearly impossible to see, but now, I lose interest in holding myself together. The black lines are thick and Alice watches me falling apart. I grunt and put my mind to the task, the glamour sliding back into place. I heave a sigh and wonder where we will end up. Stupid hunters. I don’t envy vampires, that’s for sure. Twice as many vampire hunters as there are demon hunters.

The End

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