"Me? I got banned from all churches. Apparently God gave messages to all his priests." She sighed, shaking her head. "I umm.." She looked up at Jet. "And I was on the wanted list for killing the pope last year. But, that was with my old glamour." She looked at Jet, "He tried to kill me, take me back to God."

Jet himself was looking at the Vampires, Alice looked into his eyes. "What are you thinking?" She placed a hand on his cheek, only to catch the last few words of his thoughts. "Why are we here?"  She smiled softly, "They are here to keep the balance between humanity and beast. We are here to nudge the humans on the way to evil and good." She leant closer to Jet, whispering in his ear. "The world was created for them. They are 'holy.' They don't know a thing, it must remain that way."

She paused, taking her hand from Jet's face, she kissed his cheek before moving away again. "Holy." She laughed, looking at Gabby, the spoiled human, at the other humans on the bus. They were stupid creatures yet valued above everything else.

The End

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