What about you?

‘Jet, what have you been doing all these years?’ Alice asks. I look at her and laugh.

‘Which years? I’ve just been wandering the earth, posing as a human as best I could, trying to survive. Which really is not that much fun. I’ve been on the run from the squads trying to kill me. In the mean time, I’ve become the best combat trainer in the world, found Konrad on the way to one of my new training jobs – which I lost because I got into a mass of fights with said vampire elder, and then I ended up here. What about you?’ I reply listlessly. ‘I’ve not been watching you through the necklace much recently.’ I watch the vampires as I say this. Jesse is sitting, watching the other two. Alex and the girl, Gabby, I believe her name is, are just sitting there, talking. Why are such powerful creatures, us, them, even the werewolves, why are we all here?

The End

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