Why do you ruin everything?


‘It's a shame you’re not a real vampire.’ she laughs. I smile back and roll my eyes.

'You're the half vampire here, don't start getting picky about who's the real vampire and who isn't.' I reply.

I lean back against the window, glad at least I can be civil with her. I may be a hunter, but it doesn’t mean I enjoy fighting with people.

I notice Jesse watching us, particularly me. No, not in a gay pervy way. In a “what did I do” kind of way. I think he might even regret what he did to me. Good. I hope it eats him up as much as the rest of his past does. He comes over to us and looks awkwardly at me.

‘Jesse.’ I say tensely. He tries to smile, but he ends up grimacing. I don’t even attempt to smile back. Apart from the fact that my muscles won’t move, rigid with either fear or hatred, I see no reason to be remotely civil to this vampire, enjoy it or not.

‘I thought I should let you know, Konrad told me to take care of Gabby, tutoring and all that. And you, too. If you don’t just fight me.’ He added.

‘I think I’ve managed pretty well the last two years by myself, don’t you?’ I reply. Gabby glances from me to him and back again, uncomfortable at being stuck between us. He nods once and shrugs. I’m so, so tempted to whack him on the jaw, just for existing. Somehow though, I manage to resist, staying leant back against the window. ‘I hope the punishment Konrad gives you is worse than looking after a stubborn teenager and me. You deserve so much more.’ I say coldly as he turns away. He pauses and looks up, twisting around to see me a little. His brow furrows a little bit, but he says nothing, sitting across the aisle from us.

I put my head back against the window and sigh. Why does Jesse ruin everything?

The End

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