I don't know what to say... I suppose sorry?

I hear her thoughts moments before she spoke. She fingers the choker around her neck and thinks about her purpose – to serve me. ‘The war is over. We lost...’ she says.

‘Do you think you should have stuck to being an angel, then? Do you regret having stuck by me for the last few years?’ I ask, ignoring her last comment. We didn’t lose as badly as we could have, and with the underworld breaking through, there’s the potential for so much more to happen. She looks at the floor and I heave a sigh.  I have nothing to say to that, really.


Gabby gets up and follows the teacher guy to the unconscious girl, I watch as she checks for some sign of life and announces that she needs a hospital. She asks the driver to direct us to a hospital and I’m sure Beth puts up a fight. Gabby wins and we take a left, when she was clearly about to go right. At least Beth seems to know where we’re going...

‘Gabby...?’ I say hesitantly as she comes back up the bus. She looks up at me.

‘Alex.’ She replies coolly.

‘I’m sorry for being a dick. I shouldn’t have reacted so harshly, I guess. Dunno if we can ever be great friends, but I’ll try to at least be a friend. I know I’m s’posed to be training you.’ I look at the floor as I talk and eventually glance up at her, waiting for a reaction.

The End

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