Eugh, Angels

Alice smiled. "Tristan, hes fine. A little shaken though but, yeah." She said shrugging her shoulders. Then she heard something and smelt something. She turned to the bus entrance where an angel, newly born had just walked on. She scrunched up her nose. "Welcome to the ranks new-born." She laughed.

In her head images played of the countless angel she had slain, cut off their wings and killed them. She smiled, then turned to Jet. "You look. Happy." She kissed his cheek once, then pulled away laughing again. Her evil, sadistic laugh. She pushed the hair from her face, then her neck. The necklace, Jet.. 'gave' her. The form, Jet made her, it seemed to her now, she was a slave to him. Her job was to protect Jet, serve Jet. She was his slave, all the commands she had taken, all the jobs she completed. She thought for a moment then shook her head. "The wars over now." She muttered. "We lost."

The End

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