Um... Sure.

"Red. Interesting colour choice." Yeah, it represents all the blood I'm going to be drinking in the future, I thought bitterly. "You okay?"

No. "Sure." I tried to smile at him, but it twisted on my face. I knew he'd seen through it, but he apparently decided there were more pressing matters at the moment.

"Can you help Meg?" He asked me, slightly apprehensively.

I glanced down to the bus floor and saw the girl that I was going to help out before Alex came back, still lying unconcious.

"I'll try." Okay, why exactly is this guy asking a fifteen year old girl to help him with his medical difficulties? I realised that I was being a bit harsh, but I'd never liked any of my teachers, and it's a pretty hard stereotype to pull yourself out of.

He then proceeded to tell me that he had no idea what was wrong with her. I thought teachers were supposed to pass tests.

"To be honest, I don't know. I'm her teacher... Her friend. I'm supposed to protect her, aren't I?" I ignored the hidden meaning behind his words, trying desperately not to read between the lines. This guy is seriously confused.

"It's not your fault." I told him, trying to make him feel better. "She's probably just got some virus or something."

He nodded, twisting his hands together nervously as we knelt down beside the girl.

My hair flopped over my face as I leaned in to listen to her breathing. I couldn't help but smile when I smelled the dye. Luckily, I had my face turned away from Aidan. I didn't want him thinking things were good if they weren't.

I heard the ragged, irregular breaths coming fast and shallow.

"This girl needs a hospital." I told him, and watched the panic on his face turn to pure terror. I backtracked, trying to reassure him, "I'm sure she'll be just fine, but we need to be sure."

It didn't seem to help, and I watched in horror as his tears began again.

The End

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