Little Glimmer Of Hope

In my pain I don’t see the commotion around. In front of us a man sprouts fur and starts to howl at the silver orb of light in the night sky. A werewolf…I think! Just like something the girls at the school would read in a crazy vampire book called ‘Twilight’. I wonder what they would say if the knew it was all real…

If there was anything else that happened I was too absorbed to see it. I have probably now lost my job and the girl I love.

Only when someone comes to help, I draw out of this emotional pain. Gabby, I think her name is. She doesn’t give me time to answer when the man Alex from beforehand appears at the door of the Bus. I scowl-he has been nothing but trouble, but on the other hand, the girl helping me looks delighted. She calls his name and runs and hugs him. I look down at the floor, blinking back tears again; seeing them together again reminds me of the situation I am in.

After a while I look up again. I figure there’s nothing I can do more than praying for the return of Meg’s soul. A figure walks past me and sits in Row six. At first I wonder about this new passenger (who would want to take a ride on this chaotic Bus?), but do a double take as the girl turns. It’s Gabby. And she has dyed her hair. Red. I glance back at Meg, use the palms of my hands to dry my eyes and wander up to Gabby. Like I said: there’s not much I can do for my student at the moment, and Gabby is the best bet for helping out. When I get up close I notice she’s not at all happy, and suddenly I realise how awkward this is going to be.

“Red,” I said, pointing out the obvious. “Interesting colour choice…” I glance back to Meg on the floor, before saying to Gabby, “You okay?”

She nods, so I ignore the fact that she’s obviously lying to me. “Um…I’m sorry…For disturbing you and everything…” Okay, that was unsuccessful. “But, it’s just…” Get on with it! “Can you help Meg?”

“I’ll try,” replies Gabby, a little gloomily. We get up and kneel beside Meg again. “What’s wrong with her?”

 “To be honest I don’t know,” I sob, “I’m her teacher…Her friend. I’m supposed to protect her, aren’t I?”


So much for protecting her. I feel useless. “She just collapsed.” I say to Gabby, because I feel I can say nothing more. In Gabby’s eyes I see the little glimmer of hope that everybody needs to survive. Hope that will help Meg tonight.

The End

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