Nice Necklace


‘Nice necklace,’ I say to Alice as she sits beside me. She laughs and I smile wryly. ‘I didn’t expect to be here, either. A lot has happened since the last time I saw you.’ I continue.  She gives me a questioning glance.  ‘See the vampire elder, over there?’ I ask and point him out. ‘I’ve known him since I was a human. It’s been... interesting.’ I don’t elaborate any further and she shrugs.

I can hear the questions she wants to ask swirling around her mind – the silver necklace she wears is an old link between us, magic silver allowing me to see all she sees.

‘How’s Tristan?’ I ask eventually, wondering how his training was going since I disappeared. She smiles and says nothing, though I see a flash of him in her mind, doing what we wanted him to. That’s enough of an answer for me. Another random thought surfaces and she laughs.

‘Remember what happened in Russia?’ Alice asks. I grimace and my glamour cracks apart a little more.

‘Unfortunately. You know Lucifer ain’t too happy about it all.’ I say with a groan. Alice laughs and Beth interrupts.

‘Get back in, we’re moving now.’ She says. I sigh heavily and we get up. We sit in the first row and sit in silence a while. I block out Alice’s thoughts and think back to when we hit Russia. I smile to myself, despite the disaster it turned out to be.

The End

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