Blast from the Past

Alice walked forwards, her bright blonde curls and white wings highlighted her heavenly aura. She had crystal blue eyes that, when looked into almost seemed to betray her past. She walked past the Werewolves without a second thought, then stopped. Looking at Jet sat on the stairs. "I did not expect to see you here." She laughed, a hint of evil lilted on her voice.


Star stood up and nodded at Jesse. "Okay, I believe you." She smiled, "Now, will you play nice? Or do I have to come with you?" She laughed, a slight growl appearing here and there. She howled and all the pack came from within the trees. At once they all transformed, even Star as the bus roared along the road again. Then there it was, the wolves running alongside the mechanical beast. Nature and Humanity together. As the bus went round the bend the wolves stopped, sitting, watching the bus float off into the distance.

Note: I realise this leaves a big space but I hope you can just fill in the moments between.

The End

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