‘No, because I shan't see your emotions no more. The silver has halted. I'm sorry about your daughter though. Vampirism is tough.’ She says. I grit my teeth and begin to pack my emotions away. That’s enough of an emotional outburst for a few weeks at least. She turns away and starts fixing the bus. Damn. I’d grown attached to that hole in the side of the bus. It was my hole. Mine.

‘Do you think you can keep the silver stable for now?’ she asks. I shrug and mutter ‘I s’pose’ to her. She releases me from my starry cage and I drop to the ground on my knees, not ready for the sudden loss of support. I pick myself up and feel a familiar tug in my stomach. Hungry again. I turn to Konrad.

‘Should’ve let me finish feeding you stupid old git.’ I grumble, feeling my eyes turning red quickly. I smell the angel nearby and my stomach growls loudly. ‘I’m gonna go feed. Don’t worry, I won’t kill. I just don’t want to be dangerous on the bus.’ I jog off towards a town full of sleeping people.

That legend about needing to be invited in? It’s a load of balls. I creep in through people’s unlocked windows and feed on a few adults while they sleep. I avoid the children’s rooms, walking past them with my eyes closed, holding my breath.

The End

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