Starlight Suns

Star cautiously took a step forward. Then stopped, she placed all her paws far apart, then opened her mouth. A silver burst of light appeared from her mouth. It became bigger and bigger, whiter and whiter. When it was a big ball she threw it forward. It reached Jesse and stopped. Then broke into thousands of pieces of string forming a cage around Jesse, lifting him above the floor. "Pure starlight." She laughed as she changed back to human form... And what are stars?" She placed a hand infront of her making Jesse stand up. "Sun's, that are very far away, so it will stop you but not hurt you." She howled and her pack joined in before disappearing. "Jesse, your daughter would not want this.. this thing to take over you. I'm sure she would still want you to remember her. Not supress your memories." She looked over to Konrad. An evil stare in her eyes. Then to Jet who was sat on the bus stairs.

She approached the bus, pushing Jet out the way she stood at the front of the Aisle. "Everything is okay. Give us a moment and we shall be able too set off again." She smiled, then walked back off the bus to confront Jesse, kicking Jet as she walked past. "Sorry." She laughed evily. Then she looked up at Jesse, a faint smile upon her lips.

The End

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