Giving in?

‘Jesse, stop this! Is there no one you care about?’ she asks. I growl and try desperately to block out the memories. Instantly images of my daughter swim in my mind’s eye and though the silver tries to block out the pain coursing through me from them, it can’t. Physical damage can be stopped by this silver, but mental pain is beyond its abilities. I put my hands to my temples and scream, trying to stop the memories, but it’s almost like the werewolf is pulling them out deliberately. I drop to my knees and lash out at the werewolf desperately.

I feel so vulnerable, just kneeling here, my mind flooded as tears sweep down my face. Family – all dead and gone – resurface, their smiling faces torn apart.

‘I don’t care about anyone!’ I shriek, trying to convince myself more than the werewolf. I fall to the ground, rolling onto my side. I curl into the foetal position and weep bitterly, hoping she kills me soon.

The End

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