Wolf and Human

Star bounced along the ground, the flames dying down. She placed her paws on the ground trying to push herself up, she did finally once the shock was gone. She stared at Jesse, backing up slightly. She would never back down even if it killed her. She growled, standing her ground. Her pack looked on and howled and yelped as they saw their leader fall. But still she willed them back.

"Jesse stop this! Is there no one you care about?" She looked through his mind again. Trying to find any evidence of family or friends alive or dead. Her own mind became blank as she let the wolf take over. She still thought within the wolf's shell but it would be three times as hard for Jesse to break through. She was no fool. Inside, she conserved her energy for her big attack. But not once did she think about it. On the outside the wolf growled and barked in communication to the pack. 

The End

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