She surrounds me with fire, the temperature rising every second. It would be unbearable, but the silver takes it all in, channelling it out into a billowing shroud of smoke. I grin and walk towards her.

‘Don't you realise this will kill you!? It will slowly take over and everything you knew will be gone!’ the words echo in my head and I realise I’m not that bothered. I can feel the silver’s resentment. My feet move quicker and I’m standing right in front of her. The fire parts and she can see my face through the curtains of bright orange flame. I can feel her probing my thoughts and I block her attacks, not bothering to return them.

‘You know, I can hear everything you’re thinking.’ The words spill from my mouth. They’re my words, but the silver’s voice. ‘Trying to find a weakness.’ It tuts and my fist balls. She can’t see because the flames block her view. But she certainly feels it when my balled fist meets her face.

The End

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