Star, a werewolf mage. She thought back upon her origin in an attempt to block her thoughts. She was born in England. 1654. Oh how the world has changed. She let out a low growl. The silver is still learning her moves. She would not use all her power, not until she knew it would kill him. It must have a weakness somewhere. "Jesse! I know you can still hear me. Don't you realise this will kill you!? It will slowly take over and everything you knew will be gone!" She knew it was a long shot, he might not even care. He might be one of those... suicidal vampires. She searched his thoughts there must be something there.

In the mean time she placed a flame at Jesse's feet, making it grow hotter and hotter as the moon fueled her energy. It also rose so only his head appeared. Then, that too was gone. The fire now was way past boiling point. She had no idea what she was doing, she just knew fire was the best against vampires and although the vampire was only a vessel it still would be weak somewhere.


The End

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