Higher intelligence

‘You. What’s your name? Not the vampire the one in control.’ The werewolf demands.

‘Me? I have no name,’ the silver laughs. ‘I just am.’ It states. I move, getting up, and I just have to sit back and watch as the silver takes over my actions. Not much more I can do, really. ‘I am simply a part of Jesse. I am his silver. He is my vessel.’ The werewolf frowns. The blue patterns on her glow dangerously. ‘As for your other question, no, I am not stupid. As a part of Jesse, I know he has the kind of fighting spirit and likes to make a point. He will make a point even if it looks as though he will be taken down making it.’ the silver says.

What the silver says is true, I’m so stubborn that I will make a point and stick by it, even if it kills me. The silver is still talking, but I’m more interested in exploring what control I might still have over myself. I can hear thoughts still, and I can still think. I’m not detached, as such. I am connected the silver, mentally and physically. I guess this is how it is supposed to work for me – it was never an accident. I decide to have a look at what the silver learnt recently. Delving into the reserve of silver within me, I find so many things. It’s much like an intelligent being capable of so much more than any of us.

In a way it scares me, but if what it says is true, I am a part of it, making me just as powerful. But then it’s also mentioned I am a vessel. Confused much.

The End

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