Fighting a werewolf.. at night?

Star had seen something like this before but never silver taking control. She howled once and put up a shield. It absorbed the moons light, making it stronger. However the force of the energy still made her push back as she placed her hands infront of her face. "Fighting a werewolf mage at night... are you stupid?" She felt the thoughts of the young vampire, two voices. She smiled and stood up, dismissing the shield. "You. Whats your name? Not the vampire the one in control." She growled. A little bit of triumph in her voice, but she knew it wasn't over yet.

She transformed herself into her wolf form, it was a giant wolf with crystal blue eyes and glistening, thick white fur. It also, like her werewolf form had glowing blue symbols and patterns on her fur. The symbols were in ancient werewolf. She flexed her claws as she looked at Jesse.

The End

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