Clever silver.

She shot some diamond crap at me and held me in the crucifix position, which made me laugh even harder. James’ thoughts were babbling and he was amazed I was so confident. I’m not! She throws fire at me and it hits me in the chest. It stings a little, but the silver took the blow. I feel her energy inside me and the silver is deciding what to do about it. A strange bolt of energy enters my mind and I go limp in her hold. The silver is in control again. It can’t fight the diamond, but it’s taken in her power for a reason. I see her smirk and she growls something. James’ thoughts stop suddenly.

I listen to the thoughts around me, waiting for the silver to do something other than protect me and store whatever the werewolf throws at me. I listen to the demon’s thoughts as I’m held here. He’s watching with real interest now. Physically, I look how I should after going through the werewolf’s abuse, but other than that, I’m fine. The silver is taking it all in, fooling the werewolf.

She pauses for a moment. I feel the demon’s thoughts tense, and the silver twitches in anticipation. It’s getting ready. All the stored energy inside me feels so weird. It’s not mine. It’s not even my species. Konrad’s power feels at least familiar. This is all new and strange.

And I’m not afraid. I feel like a kid in a toy store. I think the silver has been learning these new things, committing to some kind of memory what it sees and feels. How awesome would that be? I really would have a reason to be confident! The silver shifts again and I feel the energy leave me in one huge bolt. The diamond around my arms falters and falls away and I fall to the ground.

The End

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