Fenris and Star

Star approached him. "Oh, I am not afraid. But you should be." She growled, holding out a hand she shot a web of diamond chain towards him, holding his arms apart. She then shot a bolt of fire towards his chest. Then stood back. That was weak compared to what she can do but she thought she would let the vampire warm up. "For Fenris." She muttered, holding her hands in fists. She could feel her pack's gaze upon her but told them to stay back. This was her fight.

James just sat and looked at Star, even though he wasn't that old she was a legend. She had destroyed many Vampires in previous battles and now, this vampire thought he had a chance? She would be better suited against Konrad. He thought all this while looking at Star in awe. He never knew she had a son, apparently she also fell in love with a human that died during the change. But also she was the alphess to the great Fe... "Halt your thoughts." She growled, looking at Konrad and Jet. "There are elders here and you are giving away all my secrets. Pathetic imbecile!" Even though she was projecting her voice into his head it still made James shake.

The End

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