Vessel for silver. Gah

‘I called you a b*tch. What’s wrong with that? Female dog, is it not?’ I grin and laughter bubbles out of my lips. It makes her angry. ‘Oh would you rather I told you to go howl at a bit of rock in the sky instead then? I believe I told James to do that. He wasn’t best pleased by it, for some reason.’ I’m laughing as I talk and Konrad glares at me. I ignore him, focussed on provoking this werewolf. She advances threateningly and the silver jerks around defensively. My still exposed arms are quickly flooded with the shining silver. The swirls of bright magic make the werewolf stop in her tracks, hesitating.

The demon spider thing laughs louder than before and drops from his web, transforming as he falls. He becomes a human and sits in the doorway of the bus. His form is cracked and fine black lines shatter him like a mirror before it falls apart. He lights up, ignoring the driver’s glare, and watches with an interested expression as the werewolf begins to advance again.

‘Not afraid of me?’ I say, not knowing where the words come from. She growls wordlessly in response. ‘You should be.’ Another sneering growl. ‘I am the silver’s vessel. I have absorbed Jesse’s and Konrad’s power over the silver, and am twice as powerful as I was before I got on this bus.’ Oh so that’s where the words are coming from. The silver. I don’t know whether it’s bluffing or not. I hope it’s not. I stand rigid, waiting for the werewolf to attack me, half petrified, half confident.

The End

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