On This Bus....


So there we were again. Me, and my best brother in the world Alec, sitting in the seat of the bus. Only now we had a little monster to bring with us. Eli hovered around u and cracked jokes and tickled the baby, who by no doubt could see him, too.

            Rogue was a little miracle. I loved him to bits, and he never cried, never screamed, and always seemed to be smiling to me with his little cocky grin he had. He was perfect for us.

            Eli still hadn’t finished his story about how he knew us and why he died and who was after us. But that could wait. Right now, we just sat and enjoyed the chaos around us at every point.

            We kept to ourselves. Sometimes people would come and talk to us, but they soon left. They all thought that we were boring and plain creatures. Which we pretty much were, but we could have fun.

            Alec and I were like Pugsley and Wednesday. We were murderous in everything we did. We loved to play painful games, like my favourite, Russian Roulette. But that had to come to a stop for a while.

            It wasn’t safe to play like that with Rogue around, he was still too fragile. But when he grew up, we’d play, we’d teach him a thing or two about his history. But for now we sat, non ostentatious in the blind madness of The Bus.       

The End

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