"Figured out why I didn't want you to do that to yourself?" I'm sure I imagined the hint of concern colouring the edges of his tone.

I was still looking down at my hands, and all I could do was nod. Of course I knew now; vampires are condemed to an eternity of darkness, a constant thirst for human blood, enduring the wet dog smell each time they come across a werewolf, and the list goes on...

Speaking of werewolves, I'd honestly lost count of how many were hanging around the bus. I craned my neck, trying to see how many there were through the smashed front windscreen, but I still couldn't really tell. My nose was burning, though, my eyes watering. I'd always been allergic to dogs when I was human, and it seemed natural that this should carry into my 'next' life.

I wrinkled my nose as I Sat back down. It really did smell bad, even when they were outside.

"Ugh, I'm getting off." I muttered to no one in particular. I loped over to the now very convenient hole in the side of the bus and leaped out of it in one long bound.

I went for a quick hunt, satisfying my small thirst with a squirrel and two rats. It wasn't  much, but it would do. I could see the bright red bus in the distance, so I decided to stroll back at a human pace, until it came absolutely necessary to run - if the bus started moving again.

Looking down at myself, I saw that I was still wearing the huge t-shirt that Jesse had nicked off of someone's washing line. Oh well, I might as well do some shopping while I have the time.

I suppose it couldn't technically be called shopping, seeing as I didn't have any money for the huge mall that seemed to be in the middle of no where.

I waltzed through the automatic doors - slyly pretending to be a Jedi as I mimed the action of the opening doors with my hands - as if it was the most natural thing in the world to have blood and mud dried and hardened in my hair, coating my converse.

The first thing I did was go to the modern bathrooms, soaking my long hair under the tap. The water came out an extremely dark red. Which gave me an idea. Whether or not it would work was... debatable, but it's worth a try.

The drugstore was pretty tiny compared to the rest of the huge shops in here. The place was deserted and I wondered idly if it was even open yet. The building seemed new enough - made of glass and shiny metal - but the fact that there was no people but three or four security guards on duty was unnerving. I smiled politely to them as I walked past, showing them I meant no harm. They did not respond.

I flitted into the shop, as fast as my half-vampire legs would carry me, grabbing a packet of home hair dye, and breezed back out again, ghosting to the bathrooms for the second time.

I spent half an hour dying my hair red - and I mean red - before I decided it was finally time to be getting back to the bus.

Jeans and a plain white long-sleeved t-shirt with a plaid shirt over the top works good enough for me anyday, so I picked that up - without paying - from some expensive clothes shop. Not that it mattered what the price was, if I was going to be stealing it.

It took only a matter of minutes to locate the bus,s till stationary. Climbing back on through the hole whilst still in motion, I took my seat next to Alex.

The red hair kept flashing in my peripheral vision, sending a jolt of shock and pleasure each time I saw it. People would notice me.


The End

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