Figured it out yet? I'm bored.

I’m gazing out of the window, kind of staring into space, though my head is filled with swirling thoughts. I see Gabby watching me, out of the corner of my eye. She turns away suddenly and tried to look as though she hadn’t been staring at me. Would she just never give it up?

She shifts and moves over to sit next to me. I flinch away a little, and she apologises, looking down at her hands. Awkward, I’m tempted to lie and tell her what she wants to hear, but I would then feel bad for lying. What to do?

‘Figured out why I didn’t want you to do that to yourself?’ I ask, letting bitter resentment and subtle concern colour my voice.  She twitches her head slightly, but I can’t tell if she nodded or shook her head. I sigh and return to looking out of the window. Some new werewolf has turned up, an angel and Jesse looks really pissed off.


How many werewolves are there in this goddamn place?! Too many. Way, way too many. The new one storms over and yells something at someone, while I’m not paying attention and then she comes over to me and Konrad and says in probably the most aggressive tone I’ve heard in a while – and remember, I’ve been in a few fights since I got on this bus – ‘You, you must know. What happened here?’ I shrug in a non committal way and glare at her.

To be honest, I can’t remember how the fight even started anymore. Words were said, the werewolf got offended and flipped. It was probably my fault.

Konrad glares at me and I can almost hear that massive spider on the door laughing. I guess that’s where Jet got to...

There’s a new angel, I notice. She introduces herself as Charlotte but it takes a fair while to make the connection between the ghosty girl and the angel. I turn my eyes down to the floor. I’m getting bored, now. I thought we were gonna have a fight and this b*tch has just come along and ruined it. Fun times? No.

The End

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