Silence is louder than words.

I’m not interested in this vampire versus werewolf thing. I walked away, ignoring Konrad’s demands for me to get back there, and got on the bus, nodding to the driver. I kinda regret that now. Gabby throws herself at me and hugs me tightly. I lean back slightly, away from her and she drops her arms, stepping back.

‘I forgot - you hate me.’ She says quietly. I don’t say anything, silence speaking louder than words, brushing past her to a seat. Looks like seventh row is taken, so I sit in front of it. Jet sits next to me, a grin plastered over his cracking glamour face. He’s more of a mess than ever.

‘Don’t you wanna watch the fight?’ he asks. I shake my head.

‘I can’t say I’m especially interested in it, no. they’ve never done anything to me. Why should I care?’ I glance at him and he winks, transforming into a spider. He crawls away and I see him weave a little web in the door way, sitting in the middle to watch the fight. I slump back in my seat and stare at the ceiling.


‘Jesse. What the hell are you doing?’ Konrad snaps. The silver is still in control. I try to shake my head, but the silver grips my jaw and insults tumble out of my mouth, directed at the werewolves mostly. They howl and get real angry. Oops.


The End

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