A Not-So-Great Reunion.

"Hey, what's up?" I said, kneeling down beside the fallen girl.

But I didn't give him time to answer, because just then, Alex walked onto the bus.

I jerked up right, standing so straight and stiff that I could be mistaken for a statue.

"Alex?" I croaked, unable to create any volume in my voice.

And then it broke through.

"Alex!" I screamed, whilst running towards him. I threw my arms around him, hugging him tight.

It was a few moments of unrelenting happiness before I realised that Alex's arms were tensed by his sides and he was leaning away from me slightly.

I dropped my arms instantly and stepped back, my happiness turned to reluctant understanding.

"Oh yeah," I whispered, staring down at my sneakers. "I forgot - you hate me."

The End

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