Call of the Wild

The wolf tried to howl as it felt it's leg break, but it healed soon enough. The wolf could smell Konrad heal, so it did the only thing it knew, it threw back its head and howled. The howl echoed through the trees, reverberating through the night air.

The howl was heard in a not so distant forest. The female's wolf instantly kicked into protective mode, forcing her to change. But unlike James' dark brown fur hers was white. She blinked, her crystal blue eyes turning deepest, coldest gold. She bounded towards the bus, echoing James' howl.

When she arrived she stared at the bus, the smell was familiar. But almost instantly her thoughts were interupted by James. "I'm James, you are?" His voice was cold and steely unlike the womans that was cold, but light and airy.

"Lillith, my name is Lillith." The werewolf seemed to grin, but it translated, probably to most humans as evil. Maybe it was.

The End

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