Alex returns.

Konrad calls us from the airport to some bus that he’s on. He mentions Jesse is about to get pasted and I growl. Jesse. The hateful bastard! I refuse to go, initially, but Jet is going, so I kinda have to. Since I can’t control this weird block he put on me to hem the beast in. And he can. Life sucks. I’m moody all the way back to the bus and when we get there, seeing Jesse and Gabby does nothing to improve my mood. First thing I notice about Jesse is all these silver lines over his arms, disappearing up beneath his shirt. I glare at him, but he doesn’t notice. He’s talking to a ghost.

I can see Gabby just inside the bus, bending over some unconscious girl. I groan and slap my forehead, but don’t bother to stop her. Not like I can do anything about a stubborn teenaged idiot like her. I sulk and keep out of her sight. Jet however crashes straight onto the bus, making a scene, like he does and I discover a new level of hate for the demon when he points me out to Gabby.

‘Alex?’ Konrad says.

‘What?’ I snap.

‘Glaring at the bus is hardly going to help the situation. Get over it.’ he says. ‘Help me with this werewolf.’ I turn to him and ignore the meddling demon’s actions.

The End

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