The Airport... Again

Konrad was savaged by the beast and then got thrown bodily out of the bus' windscreen. His wounds healed quickly, and he stood, lower to the ground than usual. He groaned slightly, and then turned around as the werewolf leapt at Jesse. He ran slightly awkwardly along the road in the direction they were heading. Towards the airport.

Ten minutes later, he arrived, and searched quickly with his mind to find an escort to take back to the bus. Closing his eyes, he scanned the area. Alex... Jet... Isabella... Yes, he thought. Those three would do. Alex! Jet! Isabella! I need you for a bit! he called out, putting as much plea behind his voice as possible. They all seemed a bit put out by this change of attitude, but realised it must be serious. He was sure even his mental voice was leathered with pain. They all came down to him quickly; Isabella using her ability to move between space in an instant, seeming to walk into a door of light and appearing in front of Konrad; Jet just jumped off the roof in an obvious show of inhuman strength and whatever. Konrad sighed, but inwardly he smiled. Jet was just what he needed. Jet also lifted Alex down, so the four were all together.

"Look, there's a situation on the bus that I'm on. We need to get there. Jesse might get pasted soon." at this, a look of confusion passed over their faces. "Jesse... Another vampire... Never mind at the moment. There's a werewolf there and he's getting owned. Now, if you'd like to follow me... ?' he gabbled, the urgency in his voice compelling them to act. He spun and ran back down the road. 

The End

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